Teacher Training Programme

Learn how to Teach Like a Pro!

Welcome, online educators, to your page for all things teaching! 😃

Being an online tutor is one of the most rewarding roles one can play because passing the baton of knowledge empowers the teacher and instills something special in all students you interact with.
On this page, you will find tips, funny stories, and methods you can use in your online classes.

So, if you are keen to share your knowledge with the world while seated at home in your pajama pants, join the movement and become an online tutor!💻

P.S. Feel free to send your teaching questions!

What our programme will focus on:

The programme runs over five 25 min long classes

  • What is an online tutor?
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • What you are not

Class preparation:

  • Study your student
  • Preview the material and understand it well

In the classroom:

  • Camera etiquette
  • Self-presentation
  • Adaptation: Adapt to your students preferences
  • Opening the platform for your student
  • Rude students
  • Private vs group classes
  • Junior classes vs adult classes
  • Lesson material (creating and utilizing)
  • Teaching styles n speaking speed
  • Student levels
  • Hot topics: topics that most students enjoy
  • No go zone topics: topics to stay away from unless initiated by your student
  • Cultural sensitivity: what may be friendly and kind to you may come across as rude or assumptuous.
  • Questions galore! Ask your students follow-up questions
  • Pardon? : when you and your student are just not understanding each other.
  • Oops!: teachers make mistakes too!
  • Awkward moments…
  • Assumptions can kill!

After the class

  • Filling lesson reports
  • Make note of your student

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1. Ebook! Containing all the information presented in your class for you to go over after your training course.
2. TEFL certificate assistance after the completion of the course. 

Tips for a happy classroom!😃

There is nothing more important than making sure your student feels safe in your class.
Knowing that, in their vulnerability, they can trust you to guide them through their learning process.
Compliment your student, ask them how they are, make them feel welcome and excited to learn.
Feel out your student, some students are more straightforward than others and they might not want to chit-chat before the lesson, look for clues in their behavior that can help you decipher.
If a student is rude, shrug it off and remember your goal as a teacher is to impart knowledge.
A smile goes a long way in making any environment more homely.
Smiles are a great way to say:
“I welcome you into my space and I am here to help you in any way I am able.” without actually saying it.
Greet your student with a smile when they enter the classroom.
When your student makes a mistake, smiling is a great ice breaker and allows them to know and understand that the learning path is full of errors, that this is the process of learning.
End the lesson with a smile and let them know that you look forward to seeing them again.

Tips for a happy online classroom!

To view some frequently asked questions, check out this page.

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