About FLOE

FLOE is an initiative born through the inspiration of learning, and of being an eternal Seeker of Knowledge and of understanding.
At FLOE we believe creativity is an important gift and when used in teaching, can make learning fun and impactful.
English is a language that’s great to have in one’s pocket as it is a language that is spoken, sung and written in, all over the planet.
The goal of FLOE is to raise the level of English skills in the world through a variety of mediums.
When one attains great use of the intricacies of English they are at a huge advantage in this Western based world.

Online Tutoring

F.L.O.E offers online English classes, these classes are fun and interactive, for all ages and levels.
Free 20 minute long demo class is offered to all students.

Newsletter Project

F.L.O.E runs a project based on expressive art for artists of all types and backgrounds. The Newsletter is a platform for creatives to showcase their work. Each Newsletter is based on a different theme and all content is created accordingly.
We have a WhatsApp group where we discuss weekly topics and learn about different views, share creative work and celebrate art.
Come join our family of creatives, contact us for more details or check out this blog for more details.

Charity Corner

FLOE loves charity because we are all about sharing love and knowledge with the world.
Come visit our charity corner and help us heal the world.
We currently have three charities on board  who each, are doing the best to alleviate the ills of society. Help us, help them by making a donation today!!

F.L.O.E Sales

F.L.O.E loves creativity and we do it good:) Check out our sales section and our online store for great, customizable products.

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