About FLOE

For the Love of Education

Come have fun while learning!

Online classes

Online Lessons

F.L.O.E offers fun and interactive online English classes.
Available for all ages and levels.

  • Lesson Plans.
  • Homework Plans
  • Video tutorials
  • Basic computer skills
  • Online teaching classes
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Reading & Comprehension
  • Cooking classes
  • Accounting
  • Science
  • Chemistry

Free 25 minute long junior class is offered to all subscribers with their first booking.
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Teacher Training Program

Teach Like a Pro!

Teaching online is fast becoming one of the most popular remote jobs around the world.

Check out our training program for online tutors and begin your journey towards improving the lives of your students in the best possible way possible.

Find us on instagram and enjoy daily tips, and motivations about the world of online teaching.

Improve your ratings with our help.

For the creatives

Newsletter Project.

F.L.O.E runs a project based on expressive art for artists of all types and backgrounds. The Newsletter is a platform for creatives to showcase their work. Each Newsletter is based on a different theme and all content is created accordingly.

We have a WhatsApp group where we discuss weekly topics and learn about different views, share creative work and celebrate art.

Come join our family of creatives, contact us for more details or check out this blog for more details.

Healing Through Teaching.


What I appreciate MOST about the NATURE of teaching is that it has the power to kill those two birds with one stone in hand.
BOTH the teacher and the student LEARN in their shared experience.
Sharing in any form brings healing – to all beings involved.
Try it.
Sharing, in whatever way, makes the Human Soul joyful.

FLOE believes that teaching brings healing to both the student and the teacher, through SHARING, everyone is enriched with useful knowledge and emotional intelligence that further encourages one to live a happy, productive life in today’s society.

Be a happy FLOE’r

About Us

F.L.O.E is an initiative born through the love of learning.
At F.L.O.E we realize the importance of language and all its intricacies.
English is an exciting language that is used on almost every land on this planet.
Individuals gain many advantages when they can speak the language and use it appropriately.
I have started this initiative based on the realization that many students of all ages struggle with some basic English skills, which, with practice, can be easily attained.
My philosophy is ‘Healing through Teaching’, as I have realized, through my years of teaching, how the learning process instills empowerment in an individual, which in turn facilitates healing for both the student and the teacher.
At F.L.O.E we help to facilitate learning in a fun, interactive way.

Get In Touch

  • info@floeeducation.com
  • Chat here

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