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Visiting Motherhood Rd.

There is so much advice you can find on the internet and within the world around you when it comes to this hot topic. I will be honest, I did do my research into motherhood, but I took it lightly, I didnโ€™t want to place to much pressure onto the role and scare myself into [โ€ฆ]

Visiting Motherhood Rd. โ€” PinkestJackson’s Dream world*
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How To: Toddler Hair.

Written by: Tiyani Shibambu

Managing hair can be fun but when it comes to toddler hair it can be a big job depending on your baby.

My almost two-year-old daughter hates it when anyone touches her hair, you need a major distraction to get anything done! And youโ€™d better be quick too!

Her hair grows fast, it knots around the hair band quite quickly so it needs regular maintenance.

I use a gentle moisturizer and a soft brush to help soften her curly hair.

Usually, I place her in the big sink outside and she plays in the water while I try to get her hair done.

She loves looking beautiful. I often find her digging in my makeup bag and after finding her favorite item; lipstick.

She tries to apply it in the mirror while pouting. I used this factor to my advantage and found some cute pictures of little girls her age with pretty hairstyles.
I showed her these images while touching her hair and telling her that she she can have her hair look that pretty too.

Today I went a step further and found some YouTube videos of toddlers getting their hair done. She loved it! She sat still while she sucked on her homemade rooibos ice lolly.

Photo by Pixabay on

Afterward, I praised her for sitting still and told her just how gorgeous she is, she beamed when she saw her pretty new look.

Finding the right distraction is best as well as unique to every mom and child.

It may be that drawing serves as a better distraction, or maybe your child likes you reading to her/him. Finding what works best for you both is the goal!

Happy hair doing!!

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Sharing, truly is, caring. -Sentient beings.

I work as an online English teacher and that means I am daily exposed to the latest news taking place around our globe.
This morning I taught an article about the many Australian Koalas who have lost their homes due to a destructive bush fires.
“Over 1,000 koalas may have been killed as the fires spread and 80% of the koalasโ€™ habitat has now been destroyed. Many of the trees that have been burned were eucalyptus trees, which are the main food source for koalas.”

I am a huge animal lover and of course my heart drowned when learning this news.
It made me think of the fact that there are so many animals out there that are dying out, or living in hell because of direct human influence.

As humans we have so much power and influence over the animal kingdom and I am so grateful that there does exist a huge group of caring individuals who spend of their time and energy in doing their best to rectify and, or, reverse the effects that us humans have had on our animal friends.

“The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital has raised over AUS$1 million for koalas affected by the fires, after asking people to help them raise just AUS$25,000. The money will be used to help koalas that have been hurt and also build a safe habitat for them.

So I took a vow and I will share it with you below:

There are SO many organizations and charities that could do with our help.
You can send through whatever amount you are able to contribute, your contribution goes a long way and helps in more ways than you could ever imagine.
Today, I donated money to The Port Macquarie Hospital, it was my first ever experience of donating towards an animal charity, it felt great!

There are many instances in a month where I spend my money on unnecessary items.
I have vowed to spend my money towards what really matters to me, and that is our home, our planet and everything housed by it.

If you care about the planet, but like me, don’t know much about the different charities that exist to help sentient beings and the environment, then Google is your friend! ๐Ÿ™‚
I found a few charities that feel close to my heart and I have decided on donating towards different ones each month.

I don’t earn a lot of money, but the environment means so much to me, it is all I know and I can’t imagine a society, or a world, where nature no longer exists, money is nothing in comparison to life.

Let’s all help where we can in the many different ways we are able to.

Help save the Koalas by donating to the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital.
Click the image above.

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Open Eye Meditation.

Meditation is a great way to keep the mind and spirit healthy and in tune, as well as to gain focus and discipline in one’s daily life.
It is great for good memory and maintaining a young and happy heart.

There are many types of ways to meditate.
In this article I will share my favorite way to meditate which I learned from my teachers at the Sri Chinmoy Meditate Center.

Third Eye Meditation.

Also known as Open eye meditation, it is a great way to fuse the external sensory world with the inner spaces.

During open eye meditation, you lightly focus your gaze on a natural object like a flower or candle, you could even use the picture of your personal guru or one that you admire. The object is meant to help you pass through material realms and enter the subtle world; the inner realms.

Meditation Tools:

  • Crystals
  • Natural object (flower, flame, etc)
  • Incense
  • Silence
  • Mantras, affirmations, meditation music, guided meditation
  • Timer

Crystals are a great tool to use in meditation, do some reading about different stones and try to find one that matches your intentions, use this stone by keeping it in your palm, as a pendant around your neck or even seated somewhere close to you during your meditation. Remember to cleanse your crystals often by using any of the following methods:
(Depending on the type and or texture of your crystal, some cleansing methods are better for certain stones.)

Cleansing your crystals is vital to make sure they work optimally.
  • Candle flame: Run the crystal atop the flame a few times till you feel the stone is lighter in weight.
  • Running water: Place the crystal under running water for a few moments while reciting an affirmation like “you are cleansed and light, you are cleansed and light.”
  • Soil: Dig a small hole in the soil and place your crystal in there for a day then clean them off using water.
  • Moonlight: Place your stone(s) in direct moonlight for a few hours throughout the night.
  • Sunlight: Place your stone(s) in the sun for a few hours.
  • Smoke: run your crystal against some smoke from your incense while reciting a mantra.
  • Cleansing/programming meditation: Have your crystals in hand while imagining the process of what you need, for example, if you are having an interview that you are nervous about, you can program the stone with images of confidence, success and, clear-mindedness.

Keep a timer nearby and have it set for the duration you have chosen for your meditation.

Get into a comfortable, seated position, on the floor (you could sit on a cushion or on a special meditation floor stool) or on a chair. Make sure to maintain a good posture by keeping your back straight and making sure you are comfortable.
Say the Aum mantra three times and begin.

Clear your mind of any distractions by imagining your mind as a clear blue sky, whenever a bird appears (mental chatter) gently remove it from your sky and gently focus on light, regular breathing. The main goal of all the activities is to remain gentle, this will make everything less stressful and allow you to flow into yourself.

Focus your gaze lightly on the natural object while allowing your whole body to relax.
Imagine that nothing else but you and the object exists.
As you slip into a deeper state, you will feel your body and mind dissipate. The world around you blurs and nothing but the object exists. You may start to see the object morph into images and sensations, don’t focus on these, simply relax and observe with no feelings attached.

Ending your meditation

You may remain in meditation for as long as you feel comfortable, for beginners, it is good to start with a duration of about 15 minutes. Focus on your breathing and allow your body to follow, remember to remain relaxed even when thoughts try to surface, gently move them away.
Remain within until you hear your timer go off,.
Take three deep breaths as you recite the Aum mantra.
Gently open your eyes and remain still for a few moments.

As your body starts to adjust to the timing, you will be able to naturally time yourself with no help.

Keeping a meditation journal.

Making note of your meditation experience is a great exercise for tracking your progress and making note of all the interesting experiences that happen.
You can store your favorite mantras, cleansing rituals and insights.

Happy Meditating!!๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿง˜๐Ÿฟโ€โ™‚๏ธ

Blessed Be.

Written by : Tiyani Shibambu