The Galactic Adventures of Noob the Martian. -Part6

“Grab that lever, and point it towards that door!” shouted Noob as they broke into the belt of dead planets.
All around them were different types of rock, big rocks, round smooth looking rocks even rocks the exuded a light so beautiful and strong it distracted both Hurcules and Galicia.

The remnants of dead planets.

“Noob I’ve never seen anything like this, where do all these rocks come from?”
Even though the position she held back on Saturn needed her to have some knowledge of the universe, the belt of dead planets was something she had always thought was a myth.
“This is what most universe travelers fear the most! Watch out for those rocks Hurcules, we need to get above them quickly before we get hit by what’s behind them!”
“Look here you little Martian Prince” Hercules responded in a frustrated tone, “I don’t take kindly to being scolded like I’m a child, and besides why did you make us go through this?Are you trying to get us killed?” With a sigh, Hurcules did what Noob had commanded.

As they made it over the belt, they saw a sight like no other, for as far as their eyes would allow them to see the belt continued as if into eternity.
“You still haven’t told us where those rocks came from.” Glacia spoke curiously.
“Hurcules, speed up the ship, you see those lights ahead of you? Keep going towards them, and to answer you Galicia, those rocks we survived are the remnants of dead planets, do you see the ones that shine very bright? those are planets that died along with their moon’s, that light you see is from the many precious stones that form when a moon falls into the planet it orbits”.

Noob’s ship.

As they approached the lights a transmission came through the speakers and the main screen of the ship came to life.
“Greetings Prince Noob, and welcome again to hotel Nebula, we already have your room ready”

“Make that three rooms. I have friends that are with me”.
As they got closer, Hurcules realized that this is the famous moon hotel he’s heard so much about in the stories that travelers back home shared.

“Hurcules you can drop the speed now, we are gonna need to coast for a bit while they bring the ship’s that will tug us onto the landing strip”.
As they landed and were ready to walk out, Noob noticed a nervous look on Galicia’s face.
He took her hand in he’s and smiled at her. As if they had spoke telepathically, she smiled back and all her nerves calmed. They walked out to find a line of hotel employees, ready to cater to the prince’s every need.
“Prince Noob we have prepared all your favorite foods, and our head chef is Martian, I do hope it will be up to your standards.”
“Ah dear Neo, you are probably the best concierge a hotel could ask for, please make sure the kitchen knows how to cook Saturn cuisine, I’ve got a warrior from the ringed planet who would enjoy such a feast”
When Hurcules saw Neo, he thought to himself; “She’s the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen”
“Take the bags to the three rooms in the Kings wing.” Neo instructed.
As she said that, Galicia looked at Noob with a confused look on her face then she asked in a whisper, “Aren’t we sharing a room?”


The Galactic Adventures of Noob the Martian. -Part5

As the the day broke, and in the distance, the sun rose, Noob made his way out of the beautiful bedroom that he had been staying in for the couple of days that it took to reach an agreement on how to move forward in the relations for the two kingdoms.
As Prince Zoin was on his morning stroll around the palace, he saw Noob walk past the great Kings’ hall (a hall filled with pictures of all the kings of Mercury).
“Noob my friend, why leave so early, one would think you trying to leave in secret.”
As Prince Zion spoke these words, a strong voice, from around the corner shouted;
“Well if she is going with him, then I will accompany them”.
“That must be Hercules”, Noob thought to himself, rolling rolled his eyes.
Prince Zion sighed, “what is Hercules shouting about now, this early in the day? You would think he would be more calm as an army general. Stay here while I go see what the commotion is all about”
“Oh Zion, you don’t have to, I have an idea on what’s going on, I’ll come with you.” Noob spoke agreeably.
They made their way down the hall towards all the voices.
“I’m going to be taking Galicia with me as I go to the meeting of all the advisors of the Kings of the four great planets, we’ll be heading to Venus, that’s where they want to build the new galactic parliament.”

And just then, as if she knew that she was being spoken of, Galicia came behind them as they made it to the Kings lounge. When the door opened Hercules stood in front of the King in the presence of the other higher ranking generals.
“You, Martian Prince, step forward and explain why you think it’s a good idea taking one of my royal servants and now an army general, is this what your father sent you to do? To come destroy my kingdom slowly from the inside?” shouted the King, in a loud, angered voice.

“My dear King, please do settle down. I gave Galicia the permission to leave with the young Prince, they do seem to have good intentions with each other, I don’t see why it would be a problem.”
The Queen interrupted her husband, “Yes father, I also think it will be good for both our planets if they leave together, and who knows they might have a son that will one day be able to connect our two planets better than we could ever imagine”.
And as if on cue, Galicia stepped forward and knelt in front of the King, slowly, Noob joined her.
“Great King Shona, please understand, I never meant to find a wife on this planet, my mission was only diplomatic, but this lady caught more than my eye and mind, she captured my heart as well.”
“I don’t like this or approve of it one bit.” Hercules admitted.
“Oh mighty Hercules..” Noob began, “I could do with a strong commanding figure such as yourself to help, should I encounter hostilities as I’m traveling the galaxies.”
And with that, Noob stood up and the King took Galicia’s hand and helped her stand.
“My dear girl, I can see that traveling with this Prince is what your heart desires, I shall grant you permission, but my wife shall feel your absence greatly.”

And with the biggest smile she had had in a while, Galicia said, “May the mighty creators and all the past Kings of Mercury show grace on you and your kingship and may all your descendants be shown the same grace”

Noob walked around the spaceship doing he’s usual checks before lift off.
“Your honorable Prince Noob, may I come in?” The voice Noob heard was one he was very familiar with. “Galicia, please accept the incoming communication on my communication device?”
Galicia touched the big screen that was in front of her.
“Who are you, what have you done to the great Prince Noob?” asked an old looking man who had appeared on the screen.
“I’m the Princes’ companion, My name is Galicia, I am the former leader of the Queen of Mercury’s court.”
The old man responded as if she were wasting his time, “enough with you Galy, whatever your name is, listen, I need to give the Prince a message, where is he?” The rude caller inquired with an investigative tone.
“I’m here Enoch, and in future I’d appreciate it if you addressed Galicia with more respect, what do you want anyway?”
“You should have mentioned to us that you would be taking stowaways with you.”
“she’s not a stowaway, and if you must know, I have one more traveler here, he’s here for security.”
“Anyway, another time for all of that, there’s a pressing issue you need to attend to.”


The Galactic Adventures of Noob the Martian. -Part 4

“Your Mighty please have Mercy, I’m only here but to make amends for the past.”
Noob humbly said as he knelt in front of the great King Shona.
“I was also sent to build a working relationship with your planet, mighty king”.
The king stepped down towards where Noob was kneeling.
“Arise young Prince, I welcome you as an advisor to a once hard headed king, but I see he’s smarter now to employ he’s own son to do the work of an advisor, and one that’s as good at conveying speech as you are.”
A door opened and out stepped a beautiful Queen adorned with the royal flowers around her neck.

Noob looked around at the party that followed the Queen, they were headed for the beautiful Galicia that he had met earlier.
“Now young man, don’t send your eyes on missions you weren’t sent to complete.”
ordered the king as he noticed the odd way that Noob was looking in the queens direction.
“That is my very talented queen”. “Oh darling I doubt he’s was looking at me, he probably thought there was a young princess to be seen”.

The Princess

Noob stood there oblivious to the conversation going on, he’s mind was still on someone he knew he wanted to tell stories of he’s travels to. Just as the Prince was walking towards the queen who was standing in the light, Galicia, as if the daughter of a star, came behind the queen, and Noob once again, saw the heavens in life form.

“Hello mother, I see you all ready for the feast after the festivities.”
Prince Zion said, as he stretched out to hug the queen.
“Oh and this dazed out Prince is a friend of mine from the royal school.”
Slowly, Noob began to come back to reality.
“Sorry royal queen, I’m Noob Prince of Mars, and advisor to the king, I am pleased to be welcomed by your courts on such a day as this.”

“Greetings dear Prince, I hope all that you came here for will stay on the diplomatic side if things.
I shall join you all at the feast, I now have to rush off to be with my subjects.”

With that, they all went their separate ways. As they walked off, Hercules was instructed to take the equipment from the ship to Noob’s room. “And please don’t break things there Hercules.” Noob shouted sarcastically in Hercules’ direction.

As the second moon went up in the distance they made their way to the banquet room.

All the royal family sat at one table.
“Oh Hercules, please can you let Prince Noob sit here in your place for tonight’s feast?” asked Galicia, with a pretty smile gracefully seated on her face.

Series, The Parenting Room

The Galactic Adventures of Noob the Martian. Part 3.

Noob looked up to see a familiar face, a face he had not seen in what seemed like forever. “Oh if it isn’t Prince Zion the defender of the people, what are the chances I run into you?” Noob says as he walks past Hercules nervously.
“My old friend, Noob of Mars, the Prince who was dead set on having a job in he’s fathers council, what brings you to our world during such a time as this?”
The Saturnite Prince swiftly got off the back of a mighty animal.

Hercules’s mighty stallion.

“I’ve come for good relations my dear friend, but let me not intrude on today’s events, show me to the Kings palace and we’ll talk later.”
“Noob my friend you are not an intrusion at all, in fact I’ll escort you myself.”
Just then Hercules let out a heavy grunt, “Oh! With the help of Hercules, of course!”

The Saturnic alien city.

They make their way through the many alleyways through the city, all the while catching up on the good old days they spent at the Royal school of leadership on Pluto.
“So tell me my friend, did you eventually convince your father to let you be he’s advisor?” The Prince asked gracefully. “Oh yes, as I told you I would! As we speak, I’m here on official advisory work.” As they were talking, Noob remembered he’s spaceship.
“Oh nooooo!! I forgot to change the conflagrations on the spaceship, I left it on temporary landing, it will take off as soon as the first moon on this planet is visible.”
“Don’t worry, Galicia has probably already sorted that out.” says Hercules
“Little Martian technologies wouldn’t be too hard for her to grasp”.
In that moment Noob remembers that beautiful face that he saw, ” so Galicia is good with technology too?”

Galicia, leader of the Queens council.

“She’s good at a lot of things! That’s my sister, she’s really smart.”
“Don’t get too excited there Noob, Hercules will kill for he’s precious sister.”

As they were talking they finally made it to the palace, as they entered the courtyard, Noob looked around at all the beautiful statues and asked, “Are these the great Kings you always talked about?” The Prince answered, “Yes, and when a King dies, he is remembered in statue, I’ll be here one day.”
“Haha very funny” Noob said sarcastically.

Saturnian King of the past

Just as they were walking up towards the great palace the Kings advisor, who was a wise old man, came out towards them. “Prince Zion, you know all royalty should be at the parades today, what kind of disobedience is this that you are in your fathers courts at this hour?”
“Oh dear Mutwa, rest your heart, I’m here with a visitor, and he is a royal, so do show him respect. Is my father in he’s room?”
“Oh yes he is, welcome honorable Sir”.
The Prince walked inside the palace and he went straight to he’s fathers room, Noob on the other hand was amazed and in awe of all the beauty that the palace boasted.
The walls were high and had hints of gold, the floors were made from a rock substance that was so beautiful to look at and walk on, Noob got lost in all of it for a moment.
“Don’t get left behind, oh dear Prince.” Hercules said, in a very sarcastic tone.

The majestic palace

“Father sorry to disturb you on a day like this, but I have a visitor from Mars here to see you.”
“A visitor from Mars?”
“Yes, he’s the Prince father.”
“Tell him I don’t want to see no son of that stubborn King Khoi…”