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Summer Pasta Salad Recipe

Written by: Milla Mahogany

Hello Loves!!

We are coming to the close of a South African summer and I know most of you are planning on squeezing in a braai or two before everyone gets down to business and wintering (we really only have two seasons here lol).

Looks delicious, doesn’t it?

You might be planning a housewarming for your awesome new place, a “Back To Work” shindig, or even just a family hang-sesh before the in laws head back to their homes (thank goodness).

Whatever the occasion, one thing that must be present is a good summer dish and whats good that hasn’t been repeated at every braai you may have attended or hosted in December? Because you might love chakalaka and a fancy savory pap, but too much of a good thing isn’t good. And you might be looking to trim off the December Gain so those aren’t really options anyway, so you’re left with a salad. However, even in the way of salad you’re tired of lettuce, feta, onions, and the occasional olive swimming in tomato juice (although don’t get me wrong, I love me some green salad).

So, what on Earth do we eat now?

Well let me introduce yall to an amazing dish that I bring to any braai or party that I attend that never fails to leave a lasting (and tasty!) impression.

Summer Tuna Pasta Salad!!!

*cue excited cheering*

This salad is my favourite dish, really, because its delicious, easy to make, healthy, and versatile. Most importantly its very filling which is important if you’re trying to lower your portions and cut back on calories.

Let’s dive in!!


1 x 500g Bag of Pasta (I like to use fusili, the twist pasta)

2 x cans of shredded tuna. (1 in vegetable oil, one in brine to minimize oiliness of the overall dish)

Robot peppers, chopped into small cubes

1 x chopped onion

Chopped garlic

Cheese (white cheddar or mozzarella – any low fat cheese)

Fresh cream (or even mixed herb sour cream)

2 tbsp Olive Oil

Black Pepper




Place pasta to boil till its *almost* to your preferred softness. Add 1tbsp olive oil and salt to taste. When it’s close to soft, remove 85% of the water.

In a non-stick pan sauté your chopped onion and garlic till brown, add your chopped robot peppers with aromat for taste.

Lower the heat on the pasta to medium and add the onion and pepper mix with your cream and blocks of cheese. Stir till the cheese melts and the pasta becomes creamy.

Remove the dish from the stove and set aside to cool.

Once cooled, add your two tins of tuna and some black pepper to taste.

Serves 8 – 10 people.


Keep some of the pasta water to add in if it starts to burn. The water from the pasta is very tasty.

You can modify the salad by using skim or soy milk if you don’t want it too heavy and creamy, and if you’re lactose intolerant.

Add some olives and baby tomatoes if that’s what you like.

Swap out the tuna for chicken, bacon, shrimp, prawns, or any protein source that tickles your fancy.


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Cheap Cheat Christmas Chocolate Crème Brûlée

I think we can all agree that Christmas is one of those holidays that is best spent with family, a good 14 colors meal, an extra helping of delicious food and good old’ vibes.
Naturally, no one but the people in charge of the food understand the pressure behind the above sentence, not only because cooking large quantities of food is taxing, but also because, “what ARE we going to eat”?
While it’s exciting to indulge in all the Christmas food, planning the menu and bringing it to
life is way more difficult than eating, ask the little red hen.
To make matters worse, when it comes to food, it’s a world of possibilities.
Gone are the days when, due to poverty, all we looked forward to was a festive seven colors meal, a second helping that isn’t followed by funny remarks, and the dessert, oh the delicacy, the caviar of all Christmas meals; JELLY AND CUSTARD!
Most of the black children raised in South Africa during Apartheid will tell you stories of how they only had cake once a year on their birthdays, or how Jelly and Custard was saved especially for Christmas day.
Yes, it was that deep. I mean, at that time, it was normal but today, thanks to Father Christmas aka Tata Nelson Mandela, Ultra Mel and Woolworth’s peppermint crisp cakes have now become every day foods.
Did I forget to mention Baker’s Assorted Biscuits, those were another Christmas special.

Now, back to the menu, jelly and custard aren’t so exciting anymore but Crème Brûlée is.
Honestly though, what is Crème Brûlée?
Custard with burnt sugar on top?
Yes, you read that correctly.
So in this article, I’ll be sharing with you, a recipe to make Crème Brûlée.

I hope you give it a try and enjoy.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


(Serves 2-4 people)

  • 45 ml custard power
  • 30 ml cocoa powder
  • 500 ml milk
  • 60 ml sugar plus

•Make a custard mix using 45 ml of custard powder, 30 ml of cocoa powder and 100 ml of milk.
•Pour the sugar and 400 ml of milk in a saucepan and bring to boil.
•Pour the custard mix into the boiling milk, stir until it thickens.
•Allow the custard to boil, stirring continuously.
•Pour custard into little dessert bowls (heatproof).
•Allow to cool but remain warm.
•Sprinkle 15 ml of sugar over the custard.
•Torch the sugar till it turn golden brown and crystallizes on top of the custard.
•Best served warm.

To note:

1) You may adjust the quantity of sugar in the custard mix to suit your preference.
2) The longer you torch the sugar, the darker it becomes but also, the bitter it become.
3) Add more cocoa powder for a richer, chocolatey look.
4) Should you want a traditional looking Crème brûlée, skip the cocoa powder.
5) Serving depends on the size of your dessert bowls.

Enjoy! 🙂

Test your knowledge:
What figure of speech was used in the title of the article?

Comment your answer below.