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Some things to remember when tutoring kids.

1. Always smile
2. Be silly
3. Be gentle yet stern
4. Give lots of praise

Kids are lots of fun and they can surprise you with their intellect!
I enjoy tutoring kids because they are silly and wild little humans, they are really intelligent and they can teach you a thing or two about life.
What I’ve learned from online kids is this:

1. Not to underestimate
2. Make friends with Patience
3. That being silly is a ticket to inner freedom
4. Resourcefulness

As Tutors, we have much responsibility when it comes to helping mold an intelligent mind that believes in itself.
A child who can feel understood and free in this world because they are better able to articulate themselves.

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What about online tutoring?

What do you know about this new and fast growing industry?

Have you ever taught online? How about been taught online?

Many students world wide are running towards this new way of learning, it includes many benefits such as:

  • Comfort (of learning from home)
  • Convenience (less traveling)
  • Interactive fun
Kids are such fun to teach!
FLOE Tutor
FLOE has fun tutors on board!

Online tutoring has mostly been used to help students learn a new language, although, this industry is extremely versatile as one can also learn many soft and hard skills using online tutoring as a medium right from the comfort of their own home, gone are the days of having to travel from one class to the next, you can simply switch tabs!!

The best part of online tutoring is the FUN FACTOR!! Why should learning be boring when it can be made fun? Finding the best tutor for you will create a fun, conducive learning environment.

As an online tutor, my favorite thing about online tutoring is the customization of the virtual classroom, how I can create the exact environment my students would like, pace, images, colours and more, I enjoy making my lessons fun and interactive for both adults and children, some role play always makes things easier to understand 🙂

Check out some comments from past students 🙂

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