Love is intangible, immeasurable, yet we can touch it and it grows.

It blossoms quietly and roots itself in every nook and every cranny.

It explodes like stars… like neurons… like wildfire.

We cannot control it.

That’s why love is eternal. That’s why love never dies.

When our world is crumbling about us and loss engulfs us, we cling to that love.

Our loss, so encompassing holds us in its vice-like grip.

So we stumble, we break, we hurt as if we were held captive and we lose our way. We want our loved one back.

It is love that finds us and wraps its arms around us and never lets us go.

So when loss does its best to blind your eyes, deafen your ears, bite your tongue and numb your senses- please remember your loved one is still here.

They’re in every sunrise you see and in the twinkle of stars at night.

They’re in the thud of each heartbeat when you place a hand on your chest.

They’re in every mouthful and every aroma of your favourite meal.

They live on in each and every breath you take.

They whistle your name in the gentle breeze.

They ingrain themselves in the very essence of your being. They live because of you.

That’s why love is eternal. That’s why love never dies.

It is the eternal flame. They live on……